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Radio Centreville -- CINQ/FM 102.3 Montreal

30 years and counting, Radio Centreville's founders gathered in Montreal in June 2006 to celebrate. It would become Canada's first "community radio" station, a designation it acquired only after government bureaucrats decided that open-access radio needed a format name. Today there are more "community radio" format stations in Canada than any other -- more than "talk", more than "country", more than "rock". "Community radio" now reaches streams out of about 125 transmitters from coast to coast to coast, serving the spectrum of social groups in cities, in small towns, serving linguistic minorities and the disadvantaged.

To those who struggled to make the first one happen, it was a singular task: a neighbourhood radio, a community media project, a 7.2 watt mono non-commercial radio station seeking a license to broadcast on an available frequency. Once on the air, it could be heard as far away at 15 blocks down the road, loud enough to reach the densely populated area of St. Louis district of inner-city Montreal, some 250,000 people.

It may have been tiny but it served more people than 90% of Canada's radio stations and served them in a better way, a way that would become a beacon for others.As Louise Forestier would sing, Je hâte de chanter sur Radio Centreville... It was tiny but it roared.

St. Louis Group Eyes Area Radio Station by Joan Irwin

Mark Zannis, Hyman Glustein, Nelson Becker and a newspaper article from the Montreal Star, December, 1971

For more information: www.radiocentereville.com