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Groupe Leclaire GLG Inc.

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RTS CANADA offers a broad range of research and technical services for small and medium-sized broadcasting, Internet and telecom outlets. Our past experience with successful local clients including Creenet Inc., the first Internet provider in Northern Quebec, and with Ginwat-Cable, one of Canada's first cable Internet providers as well as with new FM, satellite radio, and on-line producers provides the experience that operators need to take their project into the future. Our staff is capable and friendly, ready to travel to your community to serve your interests and your concerns.

o design and construction of 2-way cable television systems
o developing Internet provider operations
o licensing new FM radio stations
o training management, technical and broadcast staff
o publishing periodicals and books
o producing radio and film and
o managing software development


Project Management Services

  • Business planning
  • Corporate and strategic planning
  • Organization setup
  • Technical and studio engineering and design
  • Bidding competitions and evaluation
  • Computer integration
  • Licensing, management
  • Training, surveys and market analysis
  • Fibre-optic broadband design and implementation
  • Editorial and journalism training
  • On-Line and Print Publishing
  • Radio-TV and Film Production