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CHPH/FM Wemindji, Quebec Community Radio Station Manager Abraham Matches Broadcasts Local and Regional Events


For over 30 years, the founders of RTS CANADA developed a number of unique projects in Canadian communications:

* Canada's first community radio station
* Canada's first satellite radio network
* Canada's smallest commercially successful cable TV
* Canada's first high-power commercial FM Native station
* Canada's first community-owned 2-way cable Internet service

RTS CANADA specializes in
* independent project management, specializing in remote communities
* high-speed ISPs; engineering and design
* radio networks
* low cost 2-way cable and FM construction
* engineering and studio design
* journalism and broadcast operations
* audience surveys and market analysis

* training in management and operations: telecom, radio, Internet, TV
* training manuals for broadcasters and trainers
* construction training manuals for cable television
* bidding competitions & evaluation of Internet and network installation

* business planning and licensing

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