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Teresa White

Teresa White is a Montreal resident, teacher, and mother of two.

Born in Quebec City, she attended St. Patrick's elementary and high schools and later completed her studies in education at Concordia University in Montreal.

Grandfather's Books is published by Carraig Books, specializing in Quebec-Irish history. It can be ordered from RTS Canada. Other works from Carraig (available directly from the publisher - P.O. Box 8733, Sainte-Foy, Québec G1V 4N6) include a series on the roots of the Irish community by noted historian Marianna O'Gallagher:

Saint Patrick's, Quebec, Carraig Books, 1981

Grosse Ile - Gateway to Canada - 1832-1937, Carraig Books, 1984

Eyewitness - Grosse Ile - 1847, Carraig Books, 1995

The Shamrock Trail, Tracing the Irish in Quebec City, Carraig Books, 1998

Other books by Carraig Books include:

Irish for a Day by Nancy Schmitz, 1991

The Voyage of the Naparima by James J. Mangan F.S.C., 1821